In this globalized world, competitiveness is the key to the success of any organization. The current dynamic global market requires competitiveness not only in products but also in services, especially in equipment. Most companies emphasize team cohesion and interaction and set aside the spirit of competition. However, it may be the most differential factor in the effectiveness of your team and the rest of the work. Motivation, discipline, and adequate support are key components of team competitiveness. Team building experiences and activities are a good platform to promote this spirit.

Four ways to improve competitiveness in team building activities:

1. adjust the tone

Set the preset tone during the team building activity. While most participants consider the activities to be fun and fun, let them understand that competitiveness is also a key element of a team building exercise. A defined definition will help participants align more closely with the mission, vision, and values of the company.

2. Start the initiative.

Encourage the Co-Team to take the initiative in each team building exercise. You can even reward teams that take the first initiative. People who have a mortal spirit generally take the initiative in all projects, businesses or tasks. Once the participating teams are encouraged to take the initiative, they will have the courage to take the initiative automatically. There are many team building activities carried out by accredited institutions that design activities that promote the initiative.

3. Set expectations

To instill a competitive spirit, it is best to set clear expectations. The identification of clear prospects will allow teams to focus and be more focused. This will improve the productivity and competitiveness of your team. Setting expectations is also one of the basic principles of effective teams. It will improve the coherence of the objectives and promote the effective use of vital resources such as human resources, time, and money.

4. Teaching conflict management.

Excessive competitiveness can lead to increased conflict. It is up to you to teach participants the best ways to deal with internal and external conflicts. This is as important as the spirit of competitiveness. You can teach your team how to stay friendly and manage cash through team building activities. Put them in a position that defies the spirit of your team. It is better to organize an off-site team building program and allow staff to interact and build relationships. Travel can be a good team building program. In the context of scenic sites, allow staff to face the team’s challenge.